Module 1: The Three Pillars of ASEAN

Concept Mapping


1.1 Founding of  the ASEAN community 1.2 The three pillars of the ASEAN community 1.3 Explaining your job functions Language Focus 1: Context clues Language Focus 2: Talking about countries Language Focus 3: Greeting and small talk Language Focus 4: Abbreviations Language Focus 5: Talking about your work Language Focus 6: Talking about your work


  1. ASEAN states have been working together under the ASEAN charter. To coordinate and administer effectively, the ASEAN secretary is responsible for all ASEAN-related issues.
  2. The blueprints for the community building efforts are called the ‘three pillars’: ASEAN Political-Security Community (APSC), ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), and ASEAN Social and Cultural Community (ASCC).
  3. The building of the AEC results in the influx of semi-skilled and un-skilled migrants for better social, economic and political conditions.  There are seven types of professions, which are doctor, dentist, engineer, accountant, nurse, architect, and surveyor that can work freely in the region.
  4. Standard English language for communication supports the workforce at national and regional levels.

After studying this module, students will be able to

  1. explain the history of ASEAN.
  2. identify ASEAN structures.
  3. explain job functions.
  4. read by using context clues.
  5. use social English in each given situation.
  6. talk about nationalities, capital cities and countries.
  7. identify abbreviations related to the ASEAN Community.