How to Study

1. Educational media: 

  • A 15-module multimedia CD with contents and activities
  • Online Learning:
    • Assignments for formative evaluation
    • Forum for peer exchanges and contact

2. A multimedia CD

2.1 It consists of 15 modules featuring knowledge of ASEAN cultures and information, useful language in various occupations and activities for practicing. The contents of the course in the CD are designed for self-instruction. Answer keys will be provided.

2.2 How to use the CD and equipment needed

System Requirements

  • 120 MHZ or more (Intel *Pentium* processor or equivalent)
  • 16 MB, 32 MB or more of RAM
  • CD-ROM 8X or more
  • 65,000-color (High Color/16-bit) video display card or better
  • Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8

*All other brands and names are property of their respective owners.

Screen Resolution: Screen 1024x768 pixels or higher
Web browser: Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 8 or higher

An internet connection is required.

3. How to study with effective outcome

Students should allocate their time for 15 modules within a 15-week semester.  10–12 hours per week is recommended with 2 hours’ study each day. However, this depends on one’s learning style. Regular study is also recommended. Students should take into consideration that the nature of language learning is cumulative.

4. Steps to study

Students should follow the following steps:

  1. Read the concept mapping for the concepts and objectives of each module.
  2. Do the pretest to assess one’s own prior knowledge and skill in each topic.
  3. Study the content.
  4. Do the activities to practice the points learned.
  5. Study the resources for more information.
  6. Attend the online activities for information exchange and peer-learning.
  7. Do the online assignments: A must; with formative evaluation totalling 40 percent of the total marks.
  8. Contact the instructors in the forum for more information if needed.
  9. Do the post test to assess oneself after studying the module.
  10. Self-monitoring from pretest and post test.

5. Evaluation

The evaluation of this course consists of online assignments (40%) and final exam (60%).
Students will take the final exam at the provided center according to the time and place issued by the university.
Details of online assignments will be announced each semester.