Module 1: The Three Pillars of ASEAN


Activity 4


Fill in the words in the crossword by using the definitions of words taken from the ASEAN Summit article.


sustainability        ASEAN Summit          Secretary-General 


ASEAN's dialogue partners        bi-annual        convergence         


Roadmap           foundation       mechanisms     


three pillars        continuity          counterparts



1) maintaining at a certain rate or level

2) natural or established processes by which something takes place or is brought about

5) a title given to the principal administrator of ASEAN
11) an annual meeting held by the members of ASEAN in relation to economic, and cultural development of Southeast Asian countries

3) occurring twice a year
4) ASEAN committee in the third countries taken with multi-faceted  agenda of the dialogues as a holistic approach at the political level composed of ASEAN ambassadors in the third countries
6) the process or state of converging
7) people or things that corresponds to or have the same function as another person or thing in a different place or situation
8) the unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over time
9) an underlying basis or principle
10)  a plan or strategy intended to achieve a particular goal
12)  ASEAN regional cooperation  which are security, socio-cultural integration, and economic integration